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Want to have a Seven Figure Soul-Centred Business while creating massive Impact?

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  • Are you trying to create a positive change in the world driven by a deep desire?


  • Wondering how to leverage your business and a non-profit for more impact?


  • Time to take your place as an authority in your field and to effortlessly attract your soul clients.


  • Business requires us to wear many hats, but are you wearing most of them?


  • More clients means more work, so less time for all the other things in life. But it doesn´t have to be this way. You CAN earn more, achieve more and have more time.


  • Been burnt before buying something and not getting results? Well, not here. The outcme is guaranteed!

Meet Mascha

Head Spiritual Business Maven

Mascha is a serial entrepreneur, mom, expat and lifelong learner.
Combining her intuitive coaching, analytical mind and spiritual approach in business, she now is helping spiritual entrepreneurs succeed in their businesses.

There are so many ways Mascha would like to create a positive change, but she realised that this is only possible if she helps those who want to create a specific change in the world to do so.

Seven Figure Soul-Centred Business Program™

We help soul-driven entrepreneurs generate one million dollars in sales and impact while allowing them to focus on their gifts.  

The Seven Figure Soul-Centred Business Program™, a run for you program, helps you generate One Million Dollars in Sales and to create a non-profit on it´s way to reaching One Million Dollars in Impact. 

First, we develop your Strategy of Preeminence and your Abundance Life & Mission Roadmap.

Then we develop a high ticket, high margin, high impact Premium Offering and help you fill it. You are trained to do the first validation calls and to deliver impact with your new offering.
After this, we will implement your entire Soul Client Attraction System, tailored specifically to your business.
Next we create a non-profit organization for you, leveraging both the non-profit to grow your business, and your business to impact the non-profit.
And finally we scale your business to seven figures and complete your strategic plan to reach seven figures in impact as well for your cause.

Our Five Stages To A
Seven Figure Soul-Centred Business

As someone who is both spiritual and logical, analytical I have learned a thing or two about running a business that aligns and feels great. This new program helps spiritual entrepreneurs who don´t like selling and are feeling overwhelmed with all this "business stuff" to reach the impact they desire while allowing them to focus on what they are good at.
Read below to see the stages we cover, should you apply and be accepted. Then, if you love what you see, book a call and let´s chat.

Stage 1: Strategy of Preeminence

In Stage One, we work together to position you “in a category of one” and complete your Abundance Life & Mission Roadmap, giving you a clear snapshot on where you are right now, where you are going and where we are going to start.

Stage One is completed when we present your Strategy of Preeminence and your Abundance Life & Mission Roadmap to you. 

Stage One Finish Line: Your Strategy of Preeminence and Abundance Life & Mission Roadmap are created. 

Stage One Prize: You know that you can add multiple Six and Seven Figure Income Streams in the next eighteen months and you´ll be creating the abundant life you desire in alignment with your mission.

Stage 2: More Profit

In Stage 2, we create, validate and sell your first high ticket, high margin, high impact “Premium Offering”.
You conduct the first 7 validation calls, then we take over the whole process.
We also help you with pre-planning each step of your offering, so you can successfully deliver massive impact through your “Premium Offering”.

Stage Two Finish Line: We have created, validated and sold your first high ticket, high margin, high impact “Premium Offering”. 

Stage Two Prize: We know we have a scalable, high ticket, high margin, high impact offering with which to grow your business to Seven Figures.

Stage 3: Soul Client Attraction System

Now we have a “Premium Offering” we start tailoring a Soul Client Attraction System specifically to your business, which means we will identify and select the top three strategies best suited to your particular business. This also includes slow, medium and fast mover paths.
We then create the marketing tools and execute them to create a steady stream of quality prospects reaching out to do business with you.

The focus will be on high leverage, high impact and high dollar lead generation and lead conversion strategies. We call these Revenue Generating Super Strategies.

We also introduce you to the Soul Client Impact Mastermind to help you deliver massive impact to your clients.

Stage Three Finish Line: Your entire Soul Client Attraction System is in place.

Stage Three Prize: You are effortlessly attracting and converting your ideal clients.

Stage 4: Do Good

In Stage Four we will have integrated what we call “Strategic Philanthropy” into your business. This includes creating a non-profit organization, or partnering with an existing one (or both!), and both leveraging the non-profit to grow your business, and your business to impact the non-profit.

We establish and run this whole process for you.

Done right, it’s a massive accelerant for both sides. You can have far more impact far earlier with strategic philanthropy built into your business model, over traditional charity contributions.

We continue to train you in the Soul Client Impact Mastermind

Stage Four Finish Line: We will have fully integrated Strategic Philanthropy into your business, leveraging the power of both business and non-profit.

Stage Four Prize: Now you can Do Good and Make Money at the same time.

Stage 5: Scale to Seven Figure Impact

In Stage Five, we scale your business into a seven figure enterprise by turn-keying your business to work with or without you. 

Now that the business is expanding and profitable, our focus is to create systems and Systems Champions to run your business.

First, we will identify your Eight Critical Success Factors. Then we will create a repeatable system to ensure that each of those Critical Success Factors are consistently met or exceeded. This will allow that any and all of your team we have built can get consistent, predictable results as well, not just you.

We will do the same for your non-profit, too. Plus, create and complete your Strategic Plan to reach Seven Figures in impact with it.

All through Stage Five you will continue in the Soul Client Impact Mastermind

Stage Five Finish Line: You will have generated $1,000,000 in Sales and completed your Strategic Plan to reach Seven Figures in impact as well for your cause. 
Stage Five Prize: You will have generated $1,000,000 in Sales while delivering massive impact to the cause that you hold dear.

If you are ready to have a successful soul-centred business, let´s talk...

The Seven Figure Soul-Centred Business Program™ is not for everyone. That said, if you´re ready to see if it´s the right program for you, let´s chat. Grab a time here: 

Yes, I´d love to book a call with Mascha!